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    JBoss ESB - multiple JBoss ESB servers to one JBoss Messaging Server

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      Has anyone attempted a configuration where you have a single JBoss Messaging Server

      (JBoss AS 5.1 + JBoss Messaging) that is accessed by multiple JBoss ESB servers?


      I know JBoss Messaging is included with JBoss ESB, but I have a need to run multiple

      JBoss ESBs that read and write to JMS queues (JBoss Messaging) on the same JMS server.


      In the SOA guide:




      it mentions to use








      Does this go with the <jms-provider .. definition in the jboss-esb.xml file?


      There is this posting in the JBoss ESB forum where some attempted a remote JBoss messaging server:


      but, he never got an answer.


      What concerns me about the documentation and use of :

                  jndi-URL="localhost" or jndi-URL="remote_ip"

      so does this mean that jndi-URL defaults to jnp: and the default port?

      Should you be using:


      or is this really expecting just a hostname or IP and no port?


      Also, the documentation states that jboss-messaging-client.jar should be in the classpath.

      You would think that is the case since JBossMessaging is the embedded and the default messaging.



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          Hans Wolffenbuttel Expert



          About the jndi-URL it should be jndi-URL="jnp://", so you can include the port. Your other question puzzels me a bit because the whole idea of having JBossESB is to have the opportunity to have multiple .esb in your deployment. You can define a connection with your JMS server just by the following code:



          <jms-provider connection-factory="ConnectionFactory" name="JMS-Provider"




          or if you want transacted JMS (-JCA)







          <jms-jca-provider connection-factory=









          name="JMS-JCA-Provider" transacted="true"



          Are you experiencing some trouble when you deploy more then one .esb?