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    Problems with runtime weaving and typedefs

    Bernhard Berger Newbie



      I've a problem with runtime weaving of an enterprise application leading to a hard crash of the java runtime. There is an error entry in the server log, telling that he is not able to load a transformed class (see attachement). I think it is a problem that can not be solved in minutes, therefore I tried to exclude the class from instrumentation and I realized I'm not able to configure aop this way.


      I'm using the following typedef and binding to instrument my system:


      <typedef name="system" expr="class(com.XXX.*) AND !class(com.XXX.YYY.Foobar)" />

      <bind pointcut="call(public * $typedef{system}->*(..))">

         <before aspect="..." trace="..." />



      I'm aware that instrumenting the whole application is very expensive but I have to do some kind of runtime tracing and this is the only way I see. Is this the way I should reach my goal or did I understand the documentation wrong?


      Thanks in advance