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    Authentication and Performace

    Avet Matsakian Newbie



      we have our web application deployed and running on JBOSS 5 - GA-3.1.0.


      We have eDirectory set up as repository for Authentication and Authorization.

      I've noticed in  log that during Authentication, there are 5 LDAP calls with the same

      filter - (idAttributeName=username).

      I believe this may have bad impact on performance. (And really our Login functionality

      is very slow approximaely in average about 40 sec.)


      Does anybody knows why Authentication module makes these 5 LDAP calls during Authentication (seems that one should be enough),

      and is there a way to optimize and improve performance for Authentication and Login functionality?


      Any help / ideas / feedback will be greatly appreciate !


      Thank you,


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          James Bragg Newbie

          It's been a while since I have looked at this code, but I think you have:


          - 1 LDAP call to authenticate the user..

          - 1 LDAP call to retrieve the the user...

          - 1 LDAP call to retrieve the user's roles..  (I think, if you have setup that way)


          Beyond that I don't recall the rest of the calls off hand... But I agree the PicketLink IDM, framework could use a different perspective, if it is to be able to support a wider authorization and authentication base.