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    RHQ Plugin development (agent) and automation

    mkannapa Newbie

      Currently we are on RHQ 3/JON 2.4.0, I am trying to automate plugin deploys from my maven builds, to our dev. JON server. I would like to know how to achieve this, I have poked around and all documentation points to extremely painful manual deploys and 4 or 5 actions to see the results of the deploy. So my questions are:

      * Are there any hooks that I can use to write something to do the deploys of the agent plugin? I can use maven plugins to probably push the plugin to the well known scanned JON/AS server deploy directory. But I don't prefer this model. I would like to somehow use AS server features or hooks to upload and *immediately* register it with the server if possible.

      * Are there any hooks programatically to ask an agent to update itself via a server notification? I guess there should be as one is able to schedule it with the GUI, but then the web app runs in the same container, maybe not.

      So any clues or pointer would be great.