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    I want to send a Array of two dimensions to javascrpt

    yaseralhs Newbie

      I need to use function in java scrpt  this function is needed for array tow dimension,I fill in the Array List of the DB  and retrieved to Backing  Bean but

      I ca'tn send to jsf page or to java scrpt finction


      note:I used Google Chart Tools


      /////////////////////////// java scrpt code///////

      function onDrow(name){


          var h;

          for (h=0;h<name.length; h++) {


              var j;

              for ( j=0;j<4; j++) {


                     data.setCell(h, j,name[h][j]);



                      data.setCell(h, j,name[h][j]);



                   data.setCell(h, j,name[h][j]);



                    data.setCell(h,j, name[h][j]);



              }//end of for



      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////jsf code

      <a4j:commandButton onclick="  onDrow();" id="y4" value="Set" render="rr" />