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    Alternate WCMS for GateIN?

    Darko Hojnik Newbie

      Hi there


      I'm asking me now is there an alternate WCMS for GateIN? The people from exo WCMS doesn't ships any documentation to integrate a OpenSource licenced Version of exo WCMS to an existing and propper working installation of Jboss + Gatein. Currenty it's impossible to run proper and to compile exo WCMS with the OpenJDK.  Jboss 5.1 and GateIN runs perfect with the OpenJDK.


      Sorry but for me is a badly documented OpenSource-Software just the same garbage like ClosedSource. It's not the Problem to spend mony for securityfixes. But the Problem is if I start a project it's necessary to get the stuff almost for free and after 6 months if I finished the project than I would like decide for what I have to pay and what will get nothing. For good stuff I will always pay for securityfixes or donate money to the project.


      So any Ideas for an WCMS inside GateIN?