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    User defined externalizer in Infinispan 4.2

    sudheesh P Newbie




      I am trying to find a solution for plugging infinispan with user defined Externalizers. I am using Infinispan 4.2 version (4.2.1_FINAL) , as there is a limitation for me in using higher versions.



      The configuration file of Infinispan 4.2 seems to authorize only the declaration of a marshaller. Marshallers are not Externalizers if I understood correctly !!


      I saw below steps mentioned in  javadoc of Externalizer class.


      To add a new Externalizer, follow these steps:

      1. Create an implementation of Externalizer.

      2. Add class that Externalizer implementation marshalls to set in ConstantObjectTable.MARSHALLABLES

      3. Annotate the class being marshalled with Marshallable indicating the Externalizer implementation and a unique index number.  


      However ConstantObjectTable.MARSHALLABLES is not visible outside for adding the class.



      Am I moving in right direction ?? Is there any other solution in 4.2 for plugging user defined externalizer??