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    reRender only table rows

    Martin Dubuc Newbie

      In my application, I use a rich:dataTable to be report some live statistics. I want to refresh this table every one or two seconds. I am using a4j:poll for to trigger re-rendering of the table. This works great for me, except that in this table, I would also like to have a drop down menu on one of the column header in order to select the data presentation for that column. Because the whole table is re-rendering every one or two seconds, if I add a h:selectMenuOne component, it is very difficult for the end-user to change the selection because the table is constantly reloaded and the user doesn't have time to perform the selection before the drop down menu is redrawn. Is it possible to "freeze" the rendering of the table header in such a way that only the table rows (not the table header) are re-rendered?