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    AS7 distribution

    Keith Babo Master

      Magesh has been working on creating an AS7 release distribution for SwitchYard.  An initial version can be found here:


      Keep in mind it's an initial version, so don't expect everything to be perfect right off the bat. :-)  That said, any feedback you can supply would be appreciated.  To that end ...


      Magesh - some initial comments:


      • bin/standalone.sh (and I imagine other scripts as well) is not executable.  We should be able to address this in the assembly.xml.
      • the default behavior of the assembly plugin is to use the SNAPSHOT date in jar file names.  This is causing problems for our SNAPSHOT dependency on Smooks.


      Can we change the top-level directory name to switchyard-as7-0.1 ?  I think the name, AS, and version should be there.  Personally, I like all lowercase, but that might be just a me thing.