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    HornetQ vs MRG

    talawahdotnet Newbie

      Could somebody shed some light on the positioning of HornetQ vs Qpid/MRG, particularly as it relates to EAP 6? I feel like I am getting mixed messages.


      Looking on the JBoss site I am seeing MRG highlighted as the messaging platform as opposed to HornetQ (or its enterprise derivative). As far I know, MRG doesn't implement JMS (at least not on the broker side), and HornetQ's support for AMQP has been marked as WONTFIX, so it is not clear how the two would interoperate.  I was hoping I could glean some more info from the roadmap presentation from JBoss Summit, but it hasn't been posted yet.


      Is HornetQ expected to have a "standalone" enterprise messaging profile for EAP 5 or 6? Something equivalent to what JBoss Enterprise Data Grid is to Infinispan? Or is MRG expected to fill that "Enterprise Message Queue" role?

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          In product terms:


          - HornetQ is for EAP


          However the community version will still have a standalone distribution



          - MRG is for standalone

          AFAIK there's a JMS client through qpid-java. I'm not sure if it's 100% compatible with XA implementations... etc.




          These are more marketing questions and I'm not qualified to answer them properly. You should probably address these questions through marketing.

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            Tim Fox Master

            I should add a few more things (I'm sure Clebert would like to say them too, but he works for Red Hat so has to tread more carefully )


            1) HornetQ has far superior performance to MRG

            2) HornetQ has a broader feature set than MRG

            3) HornetQ is productised as part of EAP but it's a fully standalone messaging system too. If you want to run HornetQ standalone and fully supported, then buy an EAP subscription and just turn off those services in EAP you don't want (e.g. EJB etc) - it's just configuration.

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              talawahdotnet Newbie

              Thanks for the additional insights Tim.  Good to see you are still somewhat involved even though you are sleeping with the enemy now


              I guess even companies like Red Hat have cases where politics gets in the way of good technology.  It is really hard to fathom that the RH product/marketing guys don't realize that AS7, Infinispan and HornetQ make a compelling combo.  If they feel that AMQP is the future, then the should be adding it to the HornetQ roadmap rather than WONTFIXing it, and promoting MRG-M in its place.

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                Yair Ogen Expert

                I'm looking into using HornetQ in production using an ERAP license. Can you pleae send me some info on EAP 6 - how to disable everything but HonretQ?



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                  Justin Bertram Master

                  If you need help with something related to EAP then you should open a ticket on the Red Hat Customer Portal.  Using community support when you have an EAP subscription is not optimal.

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                    Clebert Suconic Master

                    I have taken standalone-full.xml on jboss 7.1 and removed everything except to what is needed (JNDI, remoting for JNDI remote, admin, security), and it worked.. it would be the equivalent for our standalone. (It's actually a better deal since you get the CLI from JBoss 7).



                    I will attach the config I've made here:

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                      dpocock Newbie

                      I've created an issue in JIRA asking for clarification about this situation:


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                        Clebert Suconic Master

                        JIRAs are for Bugs.. and usually after a discussion on the user's forum... not a place for political clarifications and discussions. I've rejected it.

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                          dpocock Newbie

                          Why is there something `political' about asking for missing information about the relationship between the MRG and HornetQ roadmaps?


                          As I noted in the Jira, Redhat has already provided slides explaining the roles of MRG and Fuse MQ in the roadmap:



                          and the HornetQ logo is on slide #18, but there is no other reference to it, I don't want to speculate what this means, rather, I am just hoping to see a more thorough statement about the strategy and relationship between the products.

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                            Justin Bertram Master

                            You're asking about Red Hat commercial products on a community project forum - which is the wrong place to ask.  If you want to know more about Red Hat commercial you should contact your Red Hat sales/account representative (assuming you have one). 

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                              Clebert Suconic Master

                              Forget the political part.. I didn't mean on that... what I meant was JIRA is not a place to request information (not our JIRA at least) about product relations... etc


                              .. It's a place for feature requests and bug features.. and even then we usually request users to go through the forums first.