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    HornetQ vs MRG

    talawahdotnet Newbie

      Could somebody shed some light on the positioning of HornetQ vs Qpid/MRG, particularly as it relates to EAP 6? I feel like I am getting mixed messages.


      Looking on the JBoss site I am seeing MRG highlighted as the messaging platform as opposed to HornetQ (or its enterprise derivative). As far I know, MRG doesn't implement JMS (at least not on the broker side), and HornetQ's support for AMQP has been marked as WONTFIX, so it is not clear how the two would interoperate.  I was hoping I could glean some more info from the roadmap presentation from JBoss Summit, but it hasn't been posted yet.


      Is HornetQ expected to have a "standalone" enterprise messaging profile for EAP 5 or 6? Something equivalent to what JBoss Enterprise Data Grid is to Infinispan? Or is MRG expected to fill that "Enterprise Message Queue" role?

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