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    Wierd behaviour of an esb

    Mads Moelgaard Andersen Newbie



      I’m quite challenged by an odd behaviour I experience with an esb (JBOSS SOA 4.3).


      In a FS Message Filter I assign the value “file:///jboss/campaign/response/neolane” to the Directory field.


      When I attempt to deploy the esb I get an error like following:

      Caused by: org.jboss.soa.esb.ConfigurationException: Directory C:\jboss\platform\jboss-as\bin\file:\jboss\campaign\response\neolane not found


      As you can see the assigned value has been concatenated with C:\jboss\platform\jboss-as\bin\ and naturally this directory does not exist.


      When using an absolute path fx “c:/jboss/campaign/response/neolane” the esb works perfectly.


      OS development: Win XP

      OS production: Linux


      Can anyone tell me how to fix the problem?


      best regards

      Mads M Andersen