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    Many requests in filter for a single call

    Alex Ormond Newbie

      I have a fundamental servlet filter / jsf question.  I have set up a filter in my application for use in a security system.  This is the only filter configured for the application (RichFaces 4.0 no longer requires a filter, right?).  The filter is set up to only look at HttpRequests that end in "jsf".  A log statement in the filter prints out the request path.  This shows that for a single request for a JSF page:


      1. There are about 20 requests.  Most of these are for JSF components/resources
      2. The path for the requested page does not show up.  it does show up on the 2nd request for the page


      What's going on?  Shouldn't the request for a JSF page call the filter just once?


      Thanks for any help


      Alex Ormond