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    End-user interface possibilities and experiences, anyone?

    leon_ Newbie

      Hi all,


      First off, I want to applaud all efforts that are being put into the creation and optimization of jBPM. Working with business rules and various rule-engines I find jBPM (or Drools for that matter) a real nice OpenSource effort that easily competes with most commercial platforms.


      On the bad side I found it a technical platform here and there and I hope the community and the developers place some emphasis on the UI for business engineers/domain specialists as well as the UI for end-users. I do note the great improvements jBPM has made e.g. coming from version 3.


      As I feel I have explorerd every possible way to create forms for the end user (the jBPM-console, Tohu etc.) I am very curious how most of you create forms. Do you use ftl, or have you created a specific webservice on top of jBPM? And if so, how did you connect with the jBPM API? I find it difficult to work with parameter passing as I have no clear view how and where they are managed in the various jBPM examples. When looking at these examples I often see simple programs, using mainly or only HTML for example. I also wonder if, how and why Tohu "died".


      So if any of you have found a way to easily build forms and interact with the end-user in a user-friendly way, that is also easy to create and maintain by business minded people, instead of more technical knowledgeable individuals, please let me know!

      I read a post that a wiki entry would be opened to share such experiences, but I have not found this wiki page, hence my post!