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    LDAP connection management

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      We have an application which makes use of LDAP connections to an external LDAP server for various operation.


      This application resides in two different datacenters in different parts of the world (A and B) and each (A and B) should be connecting to different LDAP datasources (i.e. A connects to LDAP-A, and B connects to LDAP-B)


      The application runs on Jboss 6 and the code that needs the LDAP connections is simply in an stateless EJB


      We would like the Jboss servers in A and B to have a way to provide the LDAP connections, similar to how we wire in actual @Resource jboss -DS.xml defined DataSources.


      Is this possible (container managed ldap connections)? Or is there a way for the container to store ldap connection config info (i.e. the hostname, credentials) that the EJB can have injected and create the JNDI connection on its own?