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    Suggestion for JBoss environment configuration.

    demetrio carvalho Newbie

      I am new in JBoss and I am dealing with some confusions. I am intend to prepare a simple and practical environment to the developer team. The team will definitlly work with JBoss as Web and EJB Server, Eclipse as IDE, JSF for Web and Oracle as database.

      We will build some web services over https and we will do a simple web site with little pages.

      I already have downloaded:

      1)JBoss AS 6. This is mandatory for the project.

      2)Eclipse JEE Helios 32 bits. This is mandatory for the project, too.

      3)Jbossws-metro-3.2.1.GA. I have choosen for JBossWs, but I can modify the choice.

      4)Seam-3.0.0. I have choosen for that, but I am able to modify it,  as well. Between the four already downloaded, this is the one I am wondering more if it will really help me or I am just adding one more tool for the team to learn.

      I have seen a lot of tutorial talking about JBoss working with Toncat, Axis and Jboss Tools. Do I really need these last three?

      My objective question is: what is the most practical and madured environment for that scenario? I don't want to use more tecnologies than are necessary and I don't want to make the environment too complex with a lot of tools.

      I will be glad with sugestions.

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          jaikiran pai Master

          It all depends on the kind of work you intend to do and the kind of technologies you are going to use. Furthermore, the use of IDE for server integration too is a personal/team preference. For example, I use IDE (Eclipse earlier and now IntelliJ IDEA) just as an editor. I don't use it to integrate any application server with it. i.e. no stop/start or deploy/undeploy operations from the IDE. Instead, I manually control the JBoss AS server. That's my personal preference. It's upto you and your team to decide whether you want to follow that approach or use an IDE to integrate the server.


          As for JBossWS, I can't say much because I don't have the relevant knowledge in that area. Someone with more experience might be able to answer that.


          Coming to the use of Seam in your project - this is going to be completely your or your team's choice and highly depends on the kind of application you want to develop.