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    JMS component does not deploy in fail over

    Masao Kato Newbie

      Hi, I am testing the HA(shared store) with HornetQ on JBoss5. (HornetQ2.2.2Final / JBossEAP5.1)


      In HornetQ User Manual

      Backup Server Configuration


      The first thing to mention is that the backup only needs a hornetq-jboss-beans.xml and a hornetq-configuration.xml configuration file. This is because any JMS components are created from the Journal when the backup server becomes live.



      I am not putting hornetq-jms.xml on the deploy directory of the backup server.


      But, JMS component (Queue,Topic,ConnectionFactory..) defined with hornetq-jms.xml of the live server is not deployed by the backup server at the failover. (JMS component createed with the JMX console is deployed)


      When I put hornetq-jms.xml on the deploy directory of the backup server by way of experiment, the JMS component was deployed.


      I confirmed the binding journal of JMS(hornetq-jms-*.jms).

      The content of hornetq-jms.xml is not output.

      The operation of  JMS component with JMX console is output.


      Therefore, hornetq-jms.xml in addition to hornetq-jboss-beans.xml and hornetq-configuration.xml is necessary for the backup server.

      I think that it is a bug of the document.

      Or, are some settings necessary?




      Masao Kato