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    Setting up jboss.org accounts to work with Git / GitHub

    Lukáš Fryč Master



      I would like to ask all comitters to follow these lines to setup their accounts properly to work with Git:

      1) Could I ask you for filling in appropriate github username and Git Author Name in your jboss.org account in order to establish correct values binding between github and SVN commits?

      You can go directly into your profile using following link (replacing NAME placeholder with your jboss.org account name) and click on "Edit profile & privacy":


      You need to fill following attributes in:

      'github Username' is field that links your github.com account with jboss.org account.
      (e.g. "lfryc")

      'Git Author Names' is a field that contains a comma-separated list of author names that people use to author/commit changes in Git (user.name from git config).
      (e.g. "Lukas Fryc")


      You can find it in your $HOME/.gitconfig

           name = Lukas Fryc

      2) My second request to you is checking you have setup correct SVN username - Git username/email binding in svn.authors file used for migration purposes:



      Please send my Private Message or mail directly if you need to set it up.





      - Lukas