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    JBoss 6 with NetBeans as WebService for CF Clients

    motamas Newbie

      Hello Everyone,

      i try to create an JBoss 6 WebService in NetBeans with EJB in reason that i am a beginner with WebServices.

      The goal should be to comunicate with a client which is coded in Compact Framework 3.5 in Visual Studio 2008.

      So i started with the WebService wich works fine. To test everything i created a .Net Framework client and use the method of webreference.

      Everything works fine.

      After that i try to create the same Client in Compact Framework over a webreference. The Programm creates the Proxy Class but when i test everything and want transfer some datas i get the following error.




      Something i want try is that i will change the soap of the webservice to soap 1.2.

      Therefore i used the following code:



      But this doesnt work and after that i cant connect to the webservice.

      So my question is if anyone knows how i can change the soap in JBoss 6 and/or how i must configure the JBoss to communicate with a CF Client!

      Thank You!