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    Message redistribution: what if a node never comes back?

    Richard Kennard Novice

      Hi guys,


      I have been staring at the HornetQ documentation for a while and can't seem to grok this point.


      Given that HornetQ uses local queues stored on the file system of each node, and that the producer distributes messages in some kind of even fashion to each node, what happens if a node goes down and never returns? Are all messages queued up on that node now lost? The manual mentions 'message redistribution' and 'starvation' but how can the other nodes access the 'dead' node to find out what messages were queued up there in order to redistribute them?


      I read the bit about 'shared storage', but I assume this is just to backup a node? I tried starting a cluster with all nodes pointing to the same shared storage and that behaved very strangely! I assume the idea is that each active node is meant to have its own, isolated storage?