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    Overriding/setting activation-config-properties at deploy time

    Martin Phillips Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm pretty new to JBoss and am trying to work out how to override/set activation-config-properties on an MDB at deploy time, specifically without having to embed the properties inside the ear file itself.


      My understanding of the places you can set/override activation config properties are as follows:


      code annotations in the MDB itself

      elements in the ejb-jar.xml file in the ear file

      elements in the jboss.xml file in the ear file


      I'm looking to be able to set some activation-config-properties (e.g. for the host/port of the messaging provider) from outside of the ear file so that deployers of this MDB ear don't need to dig into the ear file itself to add/modify files that are in there before deploying it.


      The closest I've been able to find on instructions for how to do this was an article here



      This seems rather complicated, and still requires specific information to be set inside the ear file to point the deployment of the MDB to use this custom Domain/interceptor which I'd like to avoid if possible.


      I have limited experience with other application servers, but know that Apache Geronimo allows you to deploy an application with a 'plan' file that can be used to to set values like this.


      I'm currently planning to deploy on JBoss 5.1 and above, so a common soluion that works on all of them would be great.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?