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    ESB File Gateway behaviour

    jakku reddy Newbie

      I am experiencing a strange behaviour with the File Gateway (SOA Platform 5) where when files are being dropped in the folder (which it is monitoring), I sometimes see 2 messages on the bus for a file it detected. It seems to happen when we are dropping (using cp command on SAN) a few thousand files. However, with less files (few hundreds or less for example) are dropped in the folder, I do not see any such problem. Below is an exercpt from my jboss-esb.xml showing the definition of fs provider and the service that listens. I can provide any additional details if required.

      I haven't seen this behaviour with 4.3 and we recently upgraded to 5. Has anybody experienced it? Thanks.


      <fs-provider name="IngestH5Datafiles_FileProvider">

                  <fs-bus busid="IncomingH5FilesGWChannel">



                          input-suffix=".crc" work-suffix=".h5InProcess" post-delete="true"


                          post-suffix=".h5Done" error-delete="false"


                          error-suffix=".h5ERROR" />





      <service category="IngestSS" name="ValidateDatafileSvc"

                  description="Validates incoming data files of all types (H5/ANC/DDR)">


                      <fs-listener name="NewH5PAFGWListener" maxThreads="8"

                          busidref="IncomingH5FilesGWChannel" is-gateway="true" poll-frequency-seconds="1" />

                      <jms-listener name="NewPAFListener" busidref="IncomingFilesMsgChannel"

                          is-gateway="false" />


                  <actions mep="OneWay">



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          gp0108 Newbie

          Try to copy files in your folder with a temporary extension (es. .lck) and then rename them.

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            jakku reddy Newbie


            However, it didn't make any difference. Also tried a test where I copied the files first (and let them finish) and then started JBoss. I still see some duplicate messages (same file got picked up twice).

            I forgot to mention that we have 2 instances of the app (in 2 Jboss nodes in a cluster) with each having the gateway that is monitoring the same directory. Also, with one JBoss node, I never see the problem.

            JBoss SOA-P 4.3 did not have this problem.