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    multiple click with ajax

    validmir 44444 Newbie

      Hi evrybody
      i try in my application to avoid a double click. i try to use the solution i found in the sun forum thread http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=665472&start=15&tstart=0.
      In this solution its descripbed that the first response is beeing saved. If further clicks are recognized (with the same form-ID) they will be filtered( in a deploymentdesciptor wich is beeing referenced in the web.xml. But after any ajax request I get rendered only awnser to this request wich is a small part of my original site. I would say this is a normal Ajax behave but usually the rest of the old page is still beeing displayed - in my case not, I see only the small part.

      Does anybody have any idea how can i filter the ajax requests in a filter class?

      regards [/url]