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    Reformatting source in git

    Jay Balunas Master

      Lukas, and I have talked about standardizing the code format across all modules now that they migrated to git.  We also have to update to a standard configuration for jboss.org projects.


      Seam 3 has already handled this and updated their profiles here - https://github.com/seam/build .  So we'll be changing to use these as well. 


      Lukas - can you review these, and check on the changes that are done.  We also need to make sure they are consistent across the IDE's so people can work separately.  Post back here what you find, and we'll go from there.


      We also need to handle the same for for our various XML, XHTML JS and CSS files.  We should be able to use the same general rules, even if they need to be modified slightly for file type.