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    RF4 Wizard page problem - replacing panel contents leads to FacesException...ClassCastException: StateHolderSaver cannot be cast to Object


      I'm writing a wizard page which dynamically changes the content of panel but not only the content is bad rendering but when post is issued I got the following exception:


      GRAVE: javax.faces.FacesException: Unexpected error restoring state for component with id fpaso:t1:s1:j_idt50:filter.  Cause: java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.faces.component.StateHolderSaver cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Object;.


      This is the partial part of the wizard where panel content is replaced:


      <td width="80%" valign="top"><rich:panel id="paso"

      style="height:#{ppAsistenteNormal.pasoInicial ? 500 : 450}px;">

      <f:facet name="header">#{ppAsistenteNormal.pasoActual.nombre}</f:facet>

      <table width="100%">



      src="/pp/pago/normal/paso#{ppAsistenteNormal.pasoActual.pasoId}.xhtml" /></td>





      Problem came when panel is replaced and contains a rich:dataTable or rich:extendedDataTable: those components aren't rendered correctly.

      When form is posted I get the above exception.


      Just guessing, it seems that since is ajax replacement not all java script nor css is retrieved. I just looked for LoadScriptStrategy in RF4 but is no longer available.


      So, if I cant find a way to get ALL css and js preloaded (that may not solve the problem anyway) seems that I will have to go back to  JSF 1.2 with RF3.3 or use another component library.





      Exception go away when I remove a <a4j:ajax> from inputs and,  at differentpage, own composite component.

      I have no clue why those components works well if page is "full" rendered but fails when is ajax rendered.

      FWIW my composite componet is:



                <composite:attribute name="popup" />

                <composite:attribute name="hint" />

                <composite:attribute name="filtered" default="false" />





                <a4j:commandLink id="filter">

                          <rich:componentControl event="click" target="#{cc.attrs.popup}"


                                    <a4j:param id="event" name="event" value="event" noEscape="true" />


                                              <a4j:param id="top" noEscape="true" name="top"

                                                        value="jQuery(#{rich:element('filter')}.parentNode).offset().top + jQuery(#{rich:element('filter')}.parentNode).height()" />

                                              <a4j:param id="left" noEscape="true" name="left"

                                                        value="jQuery(#{rich:element('filter')}.parentNode).offset().left" />



                          <h:graphicImage library="img" name="filter12.png"


                                    style="vertical-align: middle;border:0" alt="#{cc.attrs.hint}"

                                    title="#{cc.attrs.hint}" />

                          <h:graphicImage library="img" name="filtered12.png"


                                    style="vertical-align: middle;border:0" alt="#{cc.attrs.hint}"

                                    title="#{cc.attrs.hint}" />





      Bad rendering stills.