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    Enhanced "Select One" drop down - how to add Links at the end

    Kumar Devarakonda Newbie



      Here is one of our requirement:


      Let us say, we have list of "Departments" in university.


      The requirement is, We need to display the list of all available deparments in a "Drop down" (select one) menu and at the end of the menu, we need to add "New" and clicking on this new should open a rich:modalPanel where user can enter the department name and save it.


      This is fine if we have to do with h:selectOne and f:selectItems


      But what we want is, our drop down manu should be graphical i.e. something that lookis like "rich:comboBox" and then at the end of the menu items, we should be able to add a horizontal line and then a menu item "New".


      Please let me know what are the components that I can use to achieve this.


      Can we add "facet" to rich:comboBox", I tried adding facet name="header" but it did not work.


      Also, can we facet to rich:suggestionBox?


      Thank you in advance.