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    mod_cluster 1.10 GA not working with Apache 2.2 RedirectMatch

    joaocunhalopes Newbie

      If, for example




      is a context managed by mod_cluster




      you place a rule like the following one on Apache 2.2.17 http.conf


      RedirectMatch /xpto/(.*) http://www.google.com


      the above rule will not work (it's ignored)


      However, if you change the above rule to


      RedirectMatch /abcd/(.*) http://www.google.com


      and /abcd is not a context managed by mod_cluster, than the /abcd redirection to http://www.google.com will work.




      Obviously there is no point in redirecting a full context. It's pointless to have




      managed my mod_cluster


      and then place a rule like


      RedirectMatch /xpto/(.*) http://www.google.com


      on the Apache configuration.



      However there are ocasions where one needs to redirect part of a context.

      For example, for all english pages under /xpto


      RedirectMatch /xpto/(.*)/en/(.*) http://www.underconstruction.com


      The above redirection is usefull and I haven't found a way to make it work with mod_cluster/mod_alias (mod_alias is required for RedirectMatch).


      Any help is welcome.