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    How to get selected  value from combobox?

    er.viveksrivastava Newbie

      When i select value from combobox .

      How to get selected  value of GC Format  and Win Connect  in handler .






                                      style="margin-right:200px;" id="fileFormat1"

                                          name="opttwo2" onchange="changeFormat()">

                                          <f:selectItem itemLabel="GC Format" itemValue="1"></f:selectItem>

                                          <f:selectItem itemLabel="Win Connect" itemValue="2"></f:selectItem>

                                          <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" action="#{country.check}" event="onchange"  reRender="fileTable"> 



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          Kike Gil Novice

          <h:selectOneMenu style="margin-right:200px;" id="fileFormat1" name="opttwo2" onchange="changeFormat()" value="#{country.value}">



          and in bean Country you must create the variable "value"


          private String value; with his getter and setter


          and with  <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" action="#{country.check}" event="onchange"  reRender="fileTable"> 


          you can use the variable "value" inside function "check"


          Is this you want?