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    Ancient SVN repository version leading to history loss

    borges Novice

      If you ever wondered why

      1. you were using 'svn move' in a branch and after that your history was lost anyway,
      2. it is such a pain to merge between branches with SVN in this specific project,


      I can now answer that.


      The database version of our SVN repo is "2" which implies that we are still using "svn release 1.4" version of a repository. As you can see at the SVN FAQ we need at least release 1.5, to have merge tracking.


      I know we plan to move to git soon. But I find downright silly to be losing tracking history every time we do a merge between branches.


      So in the interest of not losing more history, I propose for us to request the svn admins to issue svnadmin upgrade.


      Notice that it has been only 3 years since the svn 1.5 release, so I guess by now everyone has had the chance to upgrade their clients.