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    JSF tag <h:inputText is having problem

    Manikantan Murugesh Newbie

      hi All,
      please pull me out of the below problem of JSF tag.


      <h:inputText id="dateOfBirth" value="#{CustomerBean.dateOfBirth}" size="12" readonly="true"/>

      If this date field is made as readonly="true". Even after entering the date Null is reflecting in the bean class after clicking the submit button. If this is not set to readonly="true" the date values which i entered is coming sucessfully in the JSF managed bean.


      The below tag is not set to readonly. But i am trying to Reredering the values when some dropwown event is fired using ajax tag. But the values are not updating the Textboxes. If i made this as textboxes as readonly="true" then the values are getting renderd sucessfully and appering in the text box.
      <h:inputText id="areaCode1" value="#{retailCustomerBackingBean.addressInfoBackingBean.contactInfoBackingBean.areaCode1}"/>


      this is the ajax tag I used to Rerender the values when the action is fired on dropdown component.
      <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="areaCode1"/>


      Thanks in Advance