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    long running-event driven project

    AlessiaCarloEster SatIncRom Newbie

      Good morning,

      I am a BPMS analyst and I'm working on a project about jBPM. I need some information:

      - Does someone know if jBPM support remote execution?For "remote execution" I mean the possibility to manage a process (start, stop, modify)  from a remote PC.


      - Does jBPM support event driven process flow?(for event driven I mean the possibility to modify the execution flow of a process by an event generated from a user (Human or system) that takes part in the process.


      - According to jBPM License can my company implement a product (using jBPM) in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?


      Best regards


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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Allessia,

          The answer for your three questions is YES!

          1) You can use Drools / jBPM5 server for that, that expose REST/SOAP endpoint to interact with the engine.

          2) yes totally, you can mix complex event processing or simple events to stimulate the process status or a group of processes

          3) You can use jBPM5 inside your private application/services because it's licensed using Apache Software License v2.