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    how to build Document/Literal (Wrapped)

    everson . Newbie

      I didn't understand very well the example from docs. My doubt is about  @RequestWrapper and @ResponseWrapper.  How is the SubmitPO and SubmitPOResponde implementation ?




      public class DocWrappedServiceImpl
         @RequestWrapper (className="org.somepackage.SubmitPO")
         @ResponseWrapper (className="org.somepackage.SubmitPOResponse")
         public String submitPO(String product, int quantity)



      I have this code below. I'm using jboss 5.1 + esb4.9 + jbossws native  3.1.2.GA. But I got the error

      "Endpoint .... does not contain operation meta data for ..."


      myMethod(object param) gets an array from client written in php

      @WebService(name="PessoaWS" ,targetNamespace="http://scxx" )

      @SOAPBinding(style = Style.DOCUMENT, use=Use.LITERAL, parameterStyle=ParameterStyle.WRAPPED)

      public class PessoaWS {



          public void myMethod( Object param){

              try {

                  Message esbMessage = SOAPProcessor.getMessage();

                  String soap = esbMessage.getBody().get().toString();


              } catch (Exception e) {