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    Does editable datatable work under IE7?

    henry katz Newbie



      I have an editable table (RF 3.3.3) under Seam 2.2.1 which handles the onchange event properly under non-IE7 browsers:


      <rich:column rendered="#{clientRequestBean.numScenarios ge 1}" styleClass="scn1Col right">

        <f:facet name="header">

          <h:outputText value="#{curAllocTotals[0].vals[0].td.wt}" styleClass="scn1Col right">

            <f:convertNumber type="percent" minFractionDigits="2"/>



        <h:inputText id="in#{rkey}c0s1" value="#{alloc.vals[0].td.wt}"  style="width:50px; text-align: right;" rendered="#{mcOutputBean.wtEditable}">

          <a4j:support event="onchange" action="#{mcOutputBean.validateTotals}" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="assetTable,allocMsg">

            <a4j:actionparam name="setrow" value="#{rkey}" assignTo="#{mcOutputBean.rowPicked}"/>


          <f:converter converterId="myPercentConverter"/>


        <h:outputText  value="#{alloc.vals[0].td.wt}"  style="width:50px; text-align: right;" rendered="#{not mcOutputBean.wtEditable}">

          <f:converter converterId="myPercentConverter"/>




      Which generates something like this:



      My use case is when modifying the percentile amounts, to fire an onchange event and modify the corresponding dollar amount. This works

      perfectly under non-IE7 browsers as demonstrated by the log output of the respective method expression and value expression:


      11:17:39,166 INFO  [helper] AFTER UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES 4

      11:17:39,166 INFO  [helper] BEFORE INVOKE_APPLICATION 5

      11:17:39,166 DEBUG [MCOutputBean] got rowpicked: 1

      11:17:39,166 DEBUG [MCOutputBean] got rowpicked: 1

      11:17:39,166 DEBUG [MCOutputBean] validateTotals checking on row1

      11:17:39,166 DEBUG [MCOutputBean] validateTotals checking on row1

      11:17:39,166 INFO  [helper] AFTER INVOKE_APPLICATION 5


      I have some evidence that this could work somehow under IE7 as RF has the following example:




      Any suggestions to get this to work under IE7?