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    Is it posible to configure a classloader that loads from a webdav dir for my ear files

    jkreska Newbie

      I am trying to port a system from Jboss AS 4.x to Jboss AS 5/6.


      The old system stored no jar files on the jboss servers (they were kept on a webdav dir and downloaded to the server at startup), with the exception of the jar files in the ear's (these jar files only have descriptors no classes).  -- bottom line all classes were kept on webdav dirs in jars


      In 4.x I just added classpath entries to the server, good or bad thats how it worked.


      The main reason for doing this was to make code changes easier.  If you need a change you build the jar push to webdav and restart all jboss nodes that use that jar.  We never have to build an ear unless we are adding/removing ejbs.