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    N number of subprocesses and JBPM 5

    Amin MC Newbie



      I was wondering whether it would be possible to model the following using JBPM 5/BPMN with the drools flow eclipse editor.  


      I have a process definition and there can be n number of events signalled which for each event should instantiate a sub process (sub process has other constructs) and essentially once all of the sub process have completed then the overall business process completes.  Each sub process can have signals that complete the sub process.  I was wondering what is the best way to represent this in a graph.  I was looking at multi instance loop but it seems as though I can't use a signal event node inside the multi instance node.  I also need to determine when all sub process are complete and then complete the overall process.


      I'm not looking for code examples but more of advice on what approach to take, should i use multi instance node or use sub process or embedded process node in the graph.  Also how do i send in a message for a particular sub process.  Is it possible to use conditional message event for this case? 


      Hope this made sense and any help would be appreciated.