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    Migrating from JBoss 5.1 to 6.0: JAX-WS: Handler scoped message context property

    Zoltan Szalay Newbie

      Hi, All


      I have a web service with a logical message handler in front.


      And here is what I do:

      1. In my handler I set a HANDLER scoped custom property using the LogicalMessageContext.put() and LogicalMessageContext.setScope() methods - before the web service method is called by the web service runtime.

      2. The web service method throws a business exception.

      3. In the handleFault() method of my handler I try to retrieve the value of my custom property using LogicalMessageContext.get() method but it returns null.


      I would expect that LogicalMessageContext.get() returns the value what I've set.

      I'm not sure if I've found a bug or my expectations are wrong (not according to the JAX-WS spec).

      The same code was working in JBoss 5.1.0 GA.

      Can somebody shed some light on this issue?