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    RF (3.0.5) suggestionbox javascript error

    sureshtechspot Newbie

      hi , I am very new to rich faces . I am working on a very old web application. Recently we have a requirement for a suggestionbox feature.

      My evironment is


      JBoss : 4.0.3SSP1

      JSF     : 1.2

      myfaces  : 1.1.4


      For this environment we understand RF 3.1.6 will fit . But very soon we had a problem with getParameter  method returning null when we include RF 3.1.6 jar files in the lib folder. With the help of  some link in the forum we just downgraded to 3.1.5.Now my application is working fine and also I have written a sample xhtml file with rich:suggestion box. It is working as expected. Then I tried to incorporate in to existing pages of my application.


      Then I am getting the javascript errors 


      Element.getStyle is not a function in suggestionbox.js.jsf file.  Line 18


      this.cleaner is not a function...................................


      My existing page has a 


      <ui:define name="body">







      The code is same in both sample page and the existing application for suggestion box except few facelet tags. I am not able to understand where was the problem? I you need any other information I can send it to you. Your help will be appreciated.


      Thank you