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    JBoss6 webservice read timeout

    Oliver Specht Newbie


      I tried to change the read timeout for my Webservice deployed on a JBoss6.


      I tried the following options which I found over the internet


          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("org.jboss.ws.timeout", 10000);
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("javax.xml.ws.connect.timeout", 10000);
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("javax.xml.ws.connect.timeout", 10000);
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("com.sun.xml.ws.request.timeout", 10000); // Timeout in millis
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("com.sun.xml.ws.connect.timeout", 10000); // Timeout in millis
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("com.sun.xml.internal.ws.request.timeout", 10000); // Timeout in millis
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put("com.sun.xml.internal.ws.connect.timeout", 10000); // Timeout in millis
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put(StubExt.PROPERTY_CLIENT_TIMEOUT, 10000);
          ((BindingProvider) services).getRequestContext().put(StubExt.PROPERTY_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT, 10000);


      None of them worked. Can anyone help me? This is very, very confusing.


      My Webservice was created from a WSDL via JAX and looks like this:



      * SOAP-Service.


      * This class was generated by the JAX-WS RI. JAX-WS RI 2.1.6 in JDK 6 Generated source version: 2.1


      @WebServiceClient(name = "<NAME>", targetNamespace = "<TARGET_NS>")

      public class SmartWheelsService extends Service {






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          Oliver Specht Newbie

          Since no one knows anything about ist, this is the solution I found:


          Client cl = ClientProxy.getClient(services);

          HTTPConduit http = (HTTPConduit) cl.getConduit();

          HTTPClientPolicy httpClientPolicy = new HTTPClientPolicy();