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    rich:dropdownmenu how to make them horizontal without tool bar

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hello all!


      I  am not a richfaces developer, But I am trying to make rich:dropdownmenus come in horizontal:


      I was looking into this example :



      and the i used the first example as thats what i wanted, But on my application where I place them there is a different color in the back ground on which the link must appear and rich:toolbar is of a different color, so i removed the rich tool bar and link came back to the same back ground with one exception, the rich:dropdown now came in vertical order instead of horizontal. Now if I make the rich:toolbar come back the richtool bar has its own background. which hides the menu background of my page.


      is there a way that I can make the rich:dropdownmenu components come in a horizontal pattern rather than coming in vertical without the rich:toolbar, or is there a way to make the tool bar go invisible.


      i will really appreciate any help on this one.