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    481 leg/Transaction Does not exist Problem For SUBSCRIBE Messages

    Emre YAKIN Newbie



        We are developing a presence application in our company ,


      We are using mss-1.5.0.FINAL-jboss-jdk6-5.1.0.GA and bundled sip-load-balancer in this release.


      But We have a problem;


      • - we get an exception and 481 Call/leg transaction does not exists response to our SUBSCRIBE messages after a while .


      in this test we use 60 seconds for expires and  1 minute in our sip.xml as session-timeout   value. (Re-Subscribes arrives in 55 seconds , though).



      1. Server.log , boot.log ,  both parties  sip capture files are attached ,


      Could you please comment on the issue ?


      Thanks in Advence,


      Regards ,


      Emre YAKIN,

      Software Engineer,