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    Queue via JNDI in JBoss 5 from a stand alone HornetQ

    Johan Hedin Newbie

      In order for fit to the current cluster setup, we discided for a stand alone HornetQ with storage on drbd and controlled via pacemaker. How can we retrive the Queues and Topics though JNDI on the JBoss 5 server. Currently I have done


      • Install an embeded HornetQ 2.2
      • Removed the acceptors
      • Removed the inVM connectors
      • Run all traffic through netty
      • Start a local HornetQ 2.2 in stand alone
      • Keep the queues and topics in hornetq.sar/hornetq-jms.xml and the standalone hornetq-jms.xml in sync


      This looks like it works, but is it safe? I know a local unused HornetQ is started inside the JBoss 5 server, but I don't think that will be a problem.