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    GateIn Portal/Page Layouts

    Tim Kelley Newbie

      Wondering if anyone can provide some guidance into portal and page layouts.  Here is what I have and what I am trying to do.


      1. Have a portal.xml file defined for my portal which defines a portal layout.  This layout has a header portlet, and some other portlets thats surround the <page-body></page-body> tag.  This works fine for creating pages in my portal.  When creating a new page, only the body needs to be defined and by default, the layout components are all displayed.


      2. What I want to do is to have a second or alternate layout that is just empty, like below:




           I am not sure how exactly to get this accomplished.


      Here are some options I have tried/looking into:

      1. Define a group layout for the platform/users group.  I am not really sure how to do this, nor if it will actually work.

      2. Add a template to the Page Wizard's "Page Layout" tab.  This template would then have the contents of my current default portal layout (header, etc).  Then the default portal layout would then just be empty.  I have not been able to get the template loaded properly.  Any thoughts on how to do that?

           - Also, if I can get the template to load, I would then want all pages defined in pages.xml for the portal to use that layout (since the default portal layout will be empty).


      Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions for me?  Any help is appreciated.



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          Thomas Delhoménie Newbie

          You can use the show-max-window properties. If it is set to true on a page, only the page is displayed, not the layout.






              <title>My Page</title>