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    Preferred mechanism to compile jsps using Ant and AS 6+

    Jason Donmoyer Newbie

      I'm currently working on migrating an application from JBoss 4.2.3 to AS 6 and discovered that all traces of JSPC integration with Ant have been removed from AS 6.  I'm interested in compiling all jsps for sanity checking during our Ant-based build process and have no interest in pre-compiling them for deployment purposes.  It seems that based on other posts, this was intentionally removed from AS 6 because 'pre-compiling jsps can't be done in AS 6'.  There are various solutions to resort to using a version of JBoss Web and maven plugins, but I'm curious if there is a preferred approach that doesn't require us to download additional projects above and beyond AS 6 which each developer would already have installed.


      Any suggestions?