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    File upload question

    Krikor Baytarian Newbie

      I've been using rich:fileUpload and it's working great but I can't find a way for the add -> browse functionality to select multiple files at once , with a ctrl or shift button or a ctrl+a . Is there a way to change the browse for files functionality and make it so that the user can select multiple files at once?


      From what I've noticed even the demo http://richfaces-showcase.appspot.com/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=fileUpload doesn't let you do that.

      The thing is , the tool is GREAT if someone is uploading a couple files , but what if the user wants to upload some 20-30 files at once without selecting them one by one ?? 30 times selecting files one by one is a problem .... There should be an easy way to deal with that which I can't seem to find.


      If there's a simple way or even an idea ,a workaround to fix this problem it'd be great for me.