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    Deployment Assembly not working for Workspace Jars with jboss tools 3.2

    Dirk Dollar Newbie



      i'm facing the following problem (from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6191686/jboss-tools-3-2-with-eclipse-3-6-1-deployment-assembly-does-not-deploy-jars-libs )



      So I'm having a Web App project. I referenced all projects I need in this web app in the Deployment Assembly configuration (the thing they earlier used to call J2EE Module Dependencies). This deploys fine, each project in its jar. Not included are the jars from each project. I guess to avoid jar in jar in jars... so nevermind I can add them through the neat functions: Add.. - Archives from Workspace

      Once added a list of jars shows up in Deployment Assembly and it says it would deploy them to WEB-INF/lib which is fine. But the files just don't get deployed. They do get deployed when I add them to the web apps build path and chose Add... - Build path entries Which obviously is an ugly solution when you have 5-10 jars in each project you are referencing. Am I missing some JBoss Tools packages? Is there something wrong with my eclipse configuration?