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    RichFaces: Does navigation from one page to the next page using panelMenuItem needs to be enclosed in <h:form>

    Kim Ming Yap Newbie

      Since i'm just navigating from one page to the next using richfaces panelMenuItem, do those panels/panelMenuGroup/panelMenuItem needs to be enclosed in the form in order for it to navigate successfully? I noticed that if i do not enclose those panels elements in the , nothing happens. But why do i need to enclose it in a form since i'm not submitting any data to the server. At this point, i'm just navigating from one menu page to the next. Please advice.




      Portfion of the code:



      <h:form> <-- if i removed this, nothing happens!!



                  <center><span id="clock"> </span></center>




                  <f:facet name="header"><center>MView Modules</center></f:facet>

                  <rich:panelMenu id="MView"  topGroupExpandedRightIcon="triangleDown"






                      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Enquiry Management">




                          <rich:panelMenuItem action="/sections/securityHoldings">Security Holdings