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    JBoss + Encrypted properties as JNDI

    Gabriel Gutierrez Newbie

      Hey guys, I know that JBoss allows you to store key/value as JNDI properties, like the ones explained here: http://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/docs/Server_Configuration_Guide/4/html/Additional_Naming_MBeans-JNDI_Binding_Manager.html


      I would like use that feature but using encrypted values, and by the time of getting it using something like this: String value = (String)context.lookup("jndi/keyName");  the result is the decrypted value.


      The idea is to encrypt those values using the JBoss encryption module, (the same used for generating encrypted passwords for datasources).

      So when context.lookup() function comes in play it will decrypt the value using whatever mechanism it use for datasources.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks on advance your comments