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    How to set tabindex for inputNumberSlider?

    Eric Ford Newbie

      Setting the tabindex attribute on the rich:inputNumberSlider does not appear to work.  I have a simple form with a selectOneMenu, commandButton, and inputNumberSlider, in that sequence.  I have the SelectOneMenu tabindex set to "1", the commandButton tabindex set to "2" and the inputNumberSlider set to "3".  With focus on the selectOneMenu, hitting Tab moves to the commandButton, as expected; hitting Tab again does not move to the adjacent inputNumberSlider.  Instead, it moves to the first focusable element on the page.  Repeatedly hitting the Tab key eventually moves focus to the inputNumberSlider's input window but not before passing through all intervening page elements.  I've examined the rendered output using Firebug and cannot see where the tabindex value set for that control is even applied.  Any help understanding how this is supposed to work would be appreciated.