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    JBOSS is ignoring my custom login-module

    whitespace Newbie



      I have a webb-app, and try to use my own login-module, but the server ignores my login-config entry.



      I defined my security domain in:


      jboss.xml as <security-domain>MyApp</security-domain>


      and in: jboss-web.xml as <security-domain>java:/jaas/MyApp</security-domain>



      The correspondig entry from the login-config looks like:


      <application-policy name = "MyApp">


                <login-module code = "path to my module"

                flag = "required">

                  <module-option name = "dsJndiName">java:/jdbc/MY DB SERVICE NAME</module-option>

                  <module-option name = "principalsQuery">THE QUERY TO GET A USER FROM MY DB </module-option>






      Login results in this error:


      20:18:34,448 ERROR [UsersRolesLoginModule] Failed to load users/passwords/role files

      java.io.IOException: No properties file: users.properties or defaults: defaultUsers.properties found


      Any ideas? I know what to do if I wanted the usersreoles-login but I don't.


      Thanks in advance.