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    JBoss 6.0: EJB injection in JSP

    Wolfgang Knauf Master



      I have a small EJB app, where an EJB is injected in a JSP:





        GeometricModelRemote geometricModel;



        GeometricModelLocal geometricModelLocal;



      (the mapped name for the local interface is required because of https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-6054 )


      This EJB injection fails since 6.0, the "geometricModel" interface is null. It worked for AS5.x


      The sample can be found here (Jaikiran, you probably know it ;-)): http://www.cs.hs-rm.de/~knauf/KomponentenArchitekturen2008/stateless/Stateless.ear


      Was there some change? Is EJB injection in JSPs no longer supported?


      Best regards