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    Message in the sf.my-explicit-cluster.0 core queue

    Craig Skinfill Newbie

      I have a cluster of 5 nodes.  Four of the nodes are used primarily for sending messages into the cluster, and one for consuming from the cluster.  So right now only the "consumer" node has consumers attached to the hornetq there.  In JMX under org.hornetq:module=Core,type=Queue,address="sf.my-explicit-cluster.0",name="sf.my-explicit-cluster.0" (where the cluster is explicitly configured and called my-explicit-cluster) I see the MessageCount property has 2237.  When I run the listMessagesAsJSON operation I get a big dump of messages.  What are these messages?  Are these messages from Node0 to the node I'm reading from?  And so are sort of lost messages?  Are these messages NodeConsumer is sending to Node0 (but since there are no consumers it doesn't really do anything?)?  The consumer node was running out of memory due to these messages stuck in the sf.my-explicit-cluster.N queues.  This is will Hornetq 2.1.1-Final